MULTIPLE CHARGES: On August 27, Patrolman Eli Suggs was dispatched to Walgreens concerning a male in the bathroom opening unpurchased items. Upon arrival, the officer spoke with employees who pointed out a male walking towards the front food. The male, later identified as Riley Webb, was stopped and asked if he had recently been in the bathroom, to which he confirmed he had. Webb consented to emptying his pockets of its contents but could not produce any form of identification. While attempting to confirm Webb’s identity, Central Dispatch advised that an ID had been located and that Webb was showing several active arrest warrants. Officers attempted to detain Webb for his own safety and the safety of officers. Webb then pushed Officer Shelton away and began to run away from officers through the store. Webb was ordered to stop, and Patrolman Eli Suggs deployed his taser to effect an arrest and stop Webb from escaping. Webb was incapacitated and placed under arrest. While removing Webb from the store the security sensors alerted that Webb still possibly had Walgreens property somewhere in his person. Webb was brought back into the store where he was then patted down and searched. Webb refused to remove his left hand from his pocket after being ordered to do so. He then removed a small black container and a cut pink straw from his pocket. As officers attempted to remove the contents from Webb’s hands, he managed to open the container and eat the contents. Webb was placed on the ground and restrained while the contents of the container were removed from his mouth and away from his reach. The contents of the container were collected by the Newport Police Department. The contents were a pink baggy containing less than one gram of a white, crystal-like substance believed to be methamphetamines, and one and a half pills identified as Buprenorphine. Webb was checked out by Priority EMS who also removed the taser prongs from his body. While onscene, Priority EMS also checked out a female bystander who appeared to have passed out due to the events of this encounter. Webb was transported to the Cocke County Jail and has been trespassed from Walgreens.

WINDOW TINTED/VIOLATION OF AN ORDER OF PROTECTION: On August 27, Officer Justin Shelton observed a vehicle driving with window tint darker than permitted. Upon stopping the vehicle, Officer Shelton made contact with Kordell Stewart and Amya Munize. Upon checking the tint with the Tennessee Window Tint Comparison Card, the officer was able to confirm the tint was in violation. Stewart was shown to have had an order of protection against him from Munize out of Cocke County. At that time, Stewart was placed under arrest and transported to the Cocke County Jail.

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