The following property transfers were recorded in the office of the Cocke County Register of Deeds for September 13-17.

Marcia Wallin to Taylor Wallin, 6th district, $1,000.

Robert Ginsburg and wife, Roberta Ginsburg to Jeffery Dick and wife, Laura Dick, 8th district, $55,000.

Chad Huskey to Gregg Vincent and wife, Kathy Vincent, 5th district, $140,000.

Joseph Garbarczyk to Everland Ventures, 4th district, $18,732.

Mystic Cobalt Investments to Jane Royce, 4th district, $82,000.

Calvin Ball to Gene Boatman, 6th district, $280,000.

Arter Ball to Autry Hall, 9th district, $10,000.

Gabrielle Denton to Stephen Dodge and wife, Kimberlie Dodge, 6th district, $25,000.

Terry Baxter to Brian Thomas and wife, Julie Thomas, 5th district, $145,000.

Jared Sutton to David Clevenger and wife, Regina Clevenger, 5th district, $86,170.

Michael Holycross to Byron Ellison and wife, Carolyn Ellison, 8th district, $24,200.

Cocke County to Ole Smoky Distillery, 6th district, $74,060.

Adam Allen to Fred Clauer and wife, Janice Clauer, 1st district, $95,000.

Patsy Douglas to Michael Sims, 6th district, $25,000.

Melina Gann to Alyvia Reagan, 1st district, $22,000.

Wilson & Associates to CIM Reo, 4th district, $23,136.

Jamie Turner to Jessica Byer, 4th district, $149,900.

Guy Hommel, Jr. to Kenneth Walker and wife, Susan Walker, 4th district, $80,000.

Katherine Bowden to Benton Investment Group, 9th district, $600,000.

Phyllis Blazer to Mickey Gilliam, 7th district, $15,000.

Larry Wells and wife, Carolyn Wells to Jennifer Mills, 6th district, $112,371.

Curt Lama to Alan Querry and wife, Cheryl Quarry, 6th district, $25,000.

Linda Ogle to Robert Hefner and wife, Melissa Hefner, 5th district, $159,000.

Casey Huffman to JSB Properties, 4th district, $54,000.

Michael Lindsey and wife, Susan Lindsey to Tommy Goodin and wife, Christy Goodin, 4th district, $32,900.

William Rousseau to Denise Williams, 5th district, $6,500.

William Huffman to Jimmy McCarter, 11th distict, $15,000.

Virginia Hudson to Shannon Ruper, 5th district, $312,000.

Kaylee Holloway to Nathaniel Hampton, 4th district, $45,000.

William Huffman and wife, Sonya Huffman to Chrystal Middlebrooks, 6th district, $179,000.

Justin Hartsell to Donald Gorrell and wife, Jillian Gorrell, 5th district, $250,000.

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