The following property transfers were recorded in the office of the Cocke County Register of Deeds for August 2-6.

Melanie Shepherd to the Atha Family Trust, 6th district, $75,000.

William Myers and wife, Jane Myers to Timothy Kayel and wife, Michelle Kayel, 8th district, $39,000.

Steve Overholt to Joseph Garbarczyk, 4th district, $14,488.

Marie Wood, trustee to Richard Summey, 2nd district, $200,000.

Joseph Roderick and wife, Rebekah Roderick to John Allison and wife, Megan Allison, 6th district, $190,000.

Donald Norwood, Et Al to Macy Gudger, 8th district, $63,000.

Larry Strickler to Carl Moore, 4th district, $7,500.

Peggy Harrison to Andy Ford and wife, Hannah Ford, 8th district, $3,125.

James Newman and wife, Eugenia Newman to Jeffery Gregory and wife, Jeanne Gregory, 3rd district, $41,000.

Richard Andrew to Daniel Vomacka, 8th district, $18,000.

Margaret Dockery to Carl Freeman, 4th district, $600.

Lisa Green to Tiffany Newell, Et Al, $47,500.

Patricia Williams to Kevin Myers and wife, Brenda Myers, 6th district, $31,500.

Michael Blask to Lorene Hance, 6th district, $197,000.

Gary Myers and wife, Iva Myers to Julie Wheeler, 4th district, $23,000.

Denis Scales to Amy Beyer, 2nd district, $222,000.

Patricia Buda, trustee to Leslie Stewart and wife, Elizabeth Stewart, 2nd district, $175,500.

Shawn Hudson to Lawrence Rebbecchi, Jr., 11 district, $28,500.

Cid Fernandez and wife, Bonnie Fernandez to Shirley Scott, 9th district, $215,000.

Jamie Miller to Meleta Moore, 7th district, $60,000.

Kelvin Holt and wife, Lois Holt to Stephen Smith, 3rd district, $215,000.

Roxanna Martin to John Christakis, trustee, 9th district, $40,000.

Jignesh Patel to Terry Butler and wife, Sherry Butler, 8th district, $1,000.

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