The following property transfers were recorded in the office of the Cocke County Register of Deeds for November 29 through December 3.

D and D Prime Properties to Justin Broadway, 6th district, $220,598.

Sidney Mason and wife, Teresa Mason to Howard Green and wife, Donna Green, 2nd district, $166,000.

James Kelley and wife, Melissa Kelley to Sammy Stokely, 7th district, $4,500.

Thomas Martin and wife, Nina Martin to Keith Jones and wife, Sandy Jones, 5th district, $525,000.

Linda Brennan to Robert Demeski and wife, Wendy Demeski, 9th district, $10,000.

Dennis Williams to JMB Investment Company LLC, 3rd district, $177,500.

Jeffery Green to Richard Feinberg, 9th district, $20,000.

Kyle Osborne and wife, Gail Osborne to Liberty Land Group, 8th district, $6,750.

Willie Stokely to Phillip Watkins and wife, Nicole Watkins, 3rd district, $17,500.

Allen McNeese to Denise Ball, 6th district, $3,000.

Dennis Robertson to Bobby Craig Wild and wife, Teresa Wild, 2nd district, $12,500.

Oleg Ryzhov and wife, Valentina Rhyzov to Klemense Stahoski and wife, Myra Stahoski, 2nd district, $125,000.

Kensey Amerson and husband Dylan Amerson to Meagan Clapp, 5th district, $305,000.

Matthew Malone to Martha Childs, 8th district, $245,000.

Allan Jensen and wife, Mary Lou Jensen to David Arsenault and wife, Evelyon Arsenault, 6th district, $350,000.

Janelle Hart, trustee to James Reece, 1st district, $52,500.

Smoky Mountain Treasure LLC to Donald Aldrich and wife, Audra Aldrich, 5th district, $45,900.

Ronald Wilson and wife, Paula Wilson to Jeremy Cobb and wife, Nicole Cobb, 2nd district, $350,000.

Sandra Jenkins to Charlie Grooms and wife, Wendy Grooms, 9th district, $16,000.

Adam Holt and wife, Allyson Holt to Donald Kenely and wife, Sarah Kenely, 6th district, $100,000.

Bobby McCracken to John Sherman and wife, Shelly Sherman, 6th district, $289,000.

Mark Blask to Scotty Mantooth, 6th district, $2,500.

US Bank to Ricky Sutton, 5th district, $105,000.

Janet Porter to Kenneth Morgan, 4th district, $30,000.

Jerry Reed and wife, Linda Reed to William Shaver and wife, Caitlin Collins, 4th district, $160,000.

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