AGGRAVATED DOMESTIC ASSAULT: Deputy Pickens responded to a residence on Carson Springs Road in reference to a female wanting to speak with an officer about an order of protection. Upon arrival, the deputy spoke with Jessica Byer, who stated that she had been choked by her child’s father. She stated that Alexander Boore had been over to the residence that day, and he accused her of having another man over when she came home. She stated he then asked if she had been letting her ex-boyfriend around his kids. She stated she told him yes. He then pushed her, and she admitted to pushing him back. She stated that it was at this time that he grabbed her by the throat and pushed her against the counter in the kitchen. Buer stated that she attempted to yell for her roommate but was unable to do so due to the pressure he was applying to her throat. Byer’s roommate was still at the scene when Deputy Pickens arrived. She identified herself as Shana Banks and stated that she heard something before coming out to find Boore choking Byer from behind. Boore left the scene before law enforcement was called. After obtaining a warrant for Aggravated Assault, White Pine Police Department responded to the home of Boore and took him into custody. Sergeant Zach Magourik met them on US 25 and transported Boore to the Cocke County Jail Annex for housing.

PROBATION VIOLATION: Deputy Jamison Pickens conducted a traffic stop for improper display. Upon contact, he spoke with the driver Bryan Hodges. Hodges showed to have an active warrant for Violation of Probation. Hodges was arrested and transported to the Cocke County Jail for housing.

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