DUI: A deputy responded to a 911 call on March 11 about a possible drunk driver entering the county that had almost wrecked on Highway 25E. The vehicle was noted to be traveling in a direction toward the deputy’s location and was spotted by the deputy traveling in the wrong lane. The vehicle slid to a stop near the deputy’s patrol car and the driver exited. The driver, Jeron Shetley, had very erratic movements and other movements exhibited in subjects under the influence of methamphetamines. He was sweating profusely despite being cold and appeared to not have control of his own body. He stated he was sweating so much because he almost died. After initially stating he would engage in field sobriety tests, he became paranoid, stating he did not want to get beat up. He agreed to give a blood sample, but Priority Ambulance was unable to complete one due to collapsed veins. A blood draw was successful at Newport Medical Center. He was then transported to Cocke County Jail and placed in custody for DUI, failure to exercise due care, improper display of registration and financial responsibility.

Domestic assault: An officer responded March 11 to 1311 West Highway 25/70 Room 223 (Family Inn) regarding an active domestic dispute and spoke with the complainant and Alan Yonker, who stated he just got made and there was no physical assault, however, in speaking with Yonker multiple signs of impairment were noted and he admitted to consuming alcohol prior to this incident. The complainant (victim) stated she came to find Yonker in an argument with her boyfriend and she tried to break them up at which time she states he threw her on the bed and punched her twice in the face. There was bruising on her face consistent with being punched. Yonker was determined to be the primary aggressor and was arrested and transported to Cocke County Jail.

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