ERWIN—After Friday’s scrimmage against Unicoi County, the Cosby High Eagles are set to open the 2019 season in less than a week.

Despite a tougher outing than what was seen at North Greene, Cosby earned valuable reps that will go along way for the roster heading into Friday’s season kickoff with Hancock County.

Scrimmages are about preparing for the regular season and getting reps in. This scrimmage, in particular, allowed head coach Kevin Hall of Cosby to get his guys out against a bigger opponent to get used for the 10-game road ahead over the next 11 weeks.

“I liked our effort out there today against a bigger school that has a lot of bigger kids than we have,” Hall said. “We have a few things to fix, but for the most part, against a pretty solid team, I can’t be too upset. I like what I’m seeing from my first team. We played well.”

Unicoi County’s two touchdowns came within the 10-yard-line with the first being a short run up the middle and the second being a short delivery to a wide receiver from the quarterback.

Cosby had opportunities to score, but the two touchdowns by junior quarterback Hunter Workman were called back.

Workman’s first touchdown was an outside run for 70 yards that was called back because of a block in the back. His second touchdown called back was through the air with a delivery to newly added receiver, senior Jeremy Wise. An 80-yard touchdown pass only had a few seconds of celebration before it was called back because of offensive passing interference.

“We had a couple touchdowns that were a little iffy being called back,” Hall said. “They were great plays made out there made by Workman. You will be seeing a lot of that this year. Teams know he can run, but he has added the passing game to himself, too.”

It’s exactly where Hall wants his offense and what he wants them to do. As soon as the few mistakes are cleaned up, he trusts his offense to make big plays through the season with all of the talent he has.

“We went up against a bigger school but our talent showed up today,” Hall said. “I think we could be hard to defend this year. If we can have Hunter continue to do what he did out there today, he is going to be tough to guard. We have a lot of talent for him to work with, too. It can be a really good offense.”

The talent only grew, too.

Along with Wise, Cosby has added seniors Braden Schaffer and Blake Coggins from the basketball team to the football roster this year. All three will be seen lining up in the receiver slots and rotating at safety and cornerback.

They not only add depth for Hall to work with, but add even more athleticism, which Hall was already packed with.

“Wise, Schaffer, and Coggins are tremendous athletes,” Hall said. “You can’t substitute just being a great athlete. Whenever they learn the game more, they will be able to do some special things for us. You saw a glimpse of it today and they are still learning.”

The three new additions and the rest of the team have less than a week to prepare for the first official kick off of the 2019 season.

Cosby closes out the preseason on a positive note with Friday’s scrimmage and will be gearing up for the first official Friday night of the season next week, at home, against Hancock County.

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